Monday, December 8, 2014

I know that lately I've not been able to post anything this year. I'm really sorry about that guys. I know that only a few people had come by and I really appreciated it a lot. Really guys, thank you !!

So the year is almost at the end. I'm really sure that a lot had happened this year. Hahaha, I bet some of them were really embarrassing that you wouldn't even want to remember it. I have some of them too but obviously I'm not gonna tell. But that doesn't mean that I'm not gonna to (maybe after 10 years  ;9 )

Well, I guess that's all I've got to say. I just hope that I could post even more so that I could get to know all you guys well. Certainly I wouldn't be posting much next year too cause there's this exams.......................... Heh,it's SPM you guys ! Oh my, how time flies so quickly (I wish I was a little girl again, cuddling with my teddies) Please wish me luck guys! I really need all the supports I could get.

Before I stop, I would like to wish a Happy New Year to all. It's a bit early but hahh, who cares anyway ? Please be safe and happy all the time. I hope that next year will be even better than before (really need all the luck,right?)

That's all for today. Bye2 \(^v^)/
~~~~ Janne ~~~~

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Is Happiness Destined For Me ? (Part 1)

Hey guys...
Sorry that I've been quiet lately, I think it's been a month already. Honto ni gomen !!!
 Well, it's not that I don't want to bothered this blog anymore or anything, it's just that lately... I've been hooked up with piles of homework and by today, there's still more. Ohh, how "busy" of me. Regardless of what I've said about being "busy", I still got the time to write a short story for myself. Ohoho.... how persistent I am. I'm going to post the story here, but it's not finished yet so I just post some of it, and if I ever finished the story... I'll hurriedly post it in here. I PROMISE !!

Well, here goes nothing, my newest short story, (don't mind the pic  >< )

" Is Happiness Destined For Me "  (Part 1)

I didn't know what happiness was until something unusual had happened. Before I continued, let me guide all of you to the past where it all started. I was just a five-year old girl. I was a lonesome and no one wants to befriend with me. Neither did I. There was a reason for these problems. I couldn't remember them. Yes, I had a strange amnesia which will occur to me every week. It was like every time a new week came, I couldn't remembered what had happened a week before but strangely, I could remembered my family and the people who I didn't considered as friends. Because of this odd illness, my friends thought I was just being rude and snobbish. It wasn't my fault that I had to be like this. I refused to befriend with anyone.

The same routine continued on and on for several years. I was in high school when a miracle had happened. It was the opening ceremony for welcoming the freshmen that had been accepted to high school. I was one of them. I waited for the ceremony to start in their grand and luxurious hall. It was decorated with beautiful streamers and a banner saying “Congratulation For Being Accepted !!” which was written in bold. I've gotten bored of waiting and went off somewhere else. The school was huge and there were many clubs in there. You could say that this school had everything, from swimming pool to an abundant field to a scenery garden that was been managed by the students itself. I was swayed by the scenery that I wasn't aware of of my circumstance. I bumped into someone when I was just about to take a turn. It was a boy, who I think was the same age as me, judging from his school uniform and his tie color. He looked at me with a pitied face and offered me his help. I wasn't good dealing with boys so I refused his offered and get up by myself. He was still standing there. I had no intention on talking to him, or thanking him. Out of the blue, that boy held out his hand to me. What a sudden reaction from a boy who I didn't even know his name. What was he going to do to me? What did he want from me?

So, how was it for the first part? I'd say that it was pretty surprising. Aah, before I forget, this story is based on the newest anime that I had watched recently "Isshuukan Friends @ One Week Friends" but this story has its own plot so it could be a little different from the original story. You didn't expected me to copy everything, did you? That's wrong attitude for stealing someone else ideas, kay' ? Remember that. 

That's all I've got for today. See ya' all later. Janne !!! 

Friday, June 6, 2014


Hey there guys  ^_^

Ic-chan is reporting for duty here. Hehe, ;9  Long time no see huh? Sorry for waiting (I'm talking to myself)... So how you're doing? I bet some of you are enjoying your precious holiday a lot after all of that stresses, studying for the exams. Well, now you guys just have to kick back and relax. Hhhaaaaaahhhhhh.... *feels so relaxed
Wait, no I'm not. Huhuhu... I can't enjoyed my holidays at all. Arrghhh, it's so frustrating. Why do I have to do a lot of work this year? Huh, it's useless whining like that. Since I started high school, I've been so busy with schools, home and even with my clients (please don't talk about it) T_T
I'm not in the mood right now  -_-....  So I think I just stop here for now. Sorry that you all had to read these nonsense. If my mood ever comes back, I promised I'll tell you something special (if I had one though). So bye2 for now  *depressed

Friday, May 23, 2014

DREAMS.... ( -^- ) /

Hey there you guys, konnichiwa !!

How's your day today? Bad, great, funny, interesting, worst ? Well, I just hope you guys have a great time wherever you guys are. As for me, huhuhu.... shame on me. I've got cold, and the worst one I think

I just hope that it'll wear off fast. I don't want to stay in bed all the time...and the worst part, TOMORROW'S SCHOOL !!! It's not that I hate school or anything, it's just that if I did go to school tomorrow, I won't be able to focus in class. And there's Biology tomorrow. That's my favorite subject and I will really,really,reaaallllyyyyyy regretted if I missed any of these class.

I've always wanted to be a pediatrician when I grow up someday and that's why I've worked so hard last year so that I could be placed in the pure science class. And I thought of continuing my studies overboard so I have to do my best so that I'll score 11 A's + in SPM's next year. Ganbatte kudasai !!! And if I'm lucky enough, I would love to visit Japan someday ( DAY-DREAMING ). 

Why did I chose to be a pediatrician ? Hehe, actually, it's kinda embarrassing to tell you all the reason. Well, it's about time somebody has to know about it,right? I...I lo.. I LOVE CHILDREN !!  ( ~///~ ) *cough, cough....  Y..Yeahh, that's one of it. The other one is...well, let it be a secret for a while now, kay? ^_^  

How about you guys? What's your dream? I hope that all of our dreams someday will come true  *whispering. 

That's all I've got to say. Before I stop, here... HAVE SOME CANDY !!!

Sorry, some of it has been eaten, tee hee  ;9

While you guys eat, let's here a song, shall we? To be honest, I always listened to these song(s) whenever I'm studying. It kept me focused all the time. And at some part of the song is catchy. so hope you guys enjoyed it. Bye!!

L . O . V . E

Hey there guys !!

I know that I've just posted something a while ago but this time it's different. Just then, I had found something that's really related to us... SOOOO MUCH ! Well without further a do, I want to share something about what - the - titles - said... Yup, l..lo..loo...LOVE!! Fuhh, that was hard. I'm not that type of person that likes that word but for your guys sake,here goes....!!!!

Before I started, I just wanted to warn you guys about this post. It may be not relevant but..... Well, this post is for GIRLS ONLY.. So sorry boys, out of here you, you.. Nah, I've got nothing



   Most guys, when they are not interested in something, look away. Most of the time, if you watch a guy long enough, you will begin to see the exact moment he loses his interest – his eyes avert. If your man is constantly looking into your eyes, constantly keeping up eye contact, that is one of the first signs he is in love with you! 


When a man is interested in a girl, he wants to know her deepest secrets, her wants and desires, her dreams and how she gets inspired. When these questions start to come up, this is one of the signs he loves you – even if he can't admit it yet!


A soft touch to the small of your back, to the crook of your arm, to the back of your neck. Small touches make a huge difference and that is actually how a guy shows that he is really into you!


A man in love is not scared to introduce his girlfriend to his friends. He knows that no matter what they think, they are going to see how happy he is and instantly love her (most of the time). If you get to meet his friends, that is definitely one of the first signs he is in love with you.


After the friends, the family is next. A lot of the time, guys won't bring home just any girl to their mom and dad. If your guy brings you to his parents' house, that's a really good sign he loves you and he could be getting ready to admit it!


If your boy is constantly calling you, constantly texting you first, you know you've got a good guy and that he really cares about you. There are guys out there that don't leave their girlfriend sweet texts during their work day or in the middle of the night so they will see it in the morning. If your guy is doing that, he's definitely in love with you!


When you are in a relationship, it isn't something that should be boring and stiff all of the time. You should be able to let loose and have fun. If your guy can make you laugh and make you really feel special, he's probably going to be the one that ends up at the end of the aisle for you!


Typically, if a guy just doesn't feel it and really isn't into you, he won't want to spend any time with you. If your boyfriend is constantly looking for an excuse to spend time with you, he's probably in love. Whether it is seeing you for lunch or just popping over so he can spend some time with you – make sure that you return the favor and go out of your way to spend time with him too.


It's completely normal if he feels a little jealous in certain situations as long as it's not intense, because most of the time if guys are jealous, that means they have feelings for you. It's something that they do inadvertently and unconsciously but it gives the girls a hint into what they are really feeling!

Well, how about it girls? Hope some of it is true but seriously, don't trust it 100% because I know that some guys just want to play with your feelings for a while, after seeing you're so happy...they started to run off to somebody else. Trust me!! My friend had went through these a lot and I'm pretty sure that she had enough of it.

That's all I've got for tonight. And one more thing, I know that some guys still reading these  :P
 Don't you dare to fool any of us girls. So bye2  ^_^

Introduce Yourself Ic - chan !!!

Hey there everyone...  ^_^

Well this is my very first post here in these blog, huhuhu :(   Even though I've created the blog a long time ago (not gonna tell when  ;9 )  but I can't seem to find the TIMEEEEEEE to post in here. The first reason why I'm sooooo busy is that I've just finished my PMR's exams last year. Yup... I'm one of the last batch  * feeling proud for nothing  . And secondly is that my wicked and nasty little brothers kept using the computers and I can only used that computer when I've homework to do.... Nggghhhhhh, I felt sooooo frustrated back then  >:(

Now, there's no more problem. FINALLY!!!!! Why you ask? Because of my fantastic results ( I think ) , my father presented me a laptop with Windows 8. Man was my little brothers were jealous of me.... Ohohoho, now I can blog anytime I want and there's no one that can bothered me around hahahaha *evil laugh

Anyway, I haven't introduced my self yet.... Omatase shimashita !!! Here I gooo!!!!
My name, well.... just call me Ic-chan, kay? It's just that I don't want any of my schoolmates found out about the real identity of these blog's owner.... so if any of you know me, PLEEEAAASSEEEEE,,,, KEEP IT A SECRET !!! Well, umm... as you know that I've just finished my exams last year so that means that I'm already 16 years old  ( to be exact, 15 years and 3 months )... How time flies right? I've just entered my fourth year in "sekolah menengah" or my first year in high school... if any of you preferred that. I don't mind at all  ;) 

I'm just a normal high schooler but I've a little secret that I shared with my friends. I love anime. Did you heard wrong ? A . N . I . M . E ?? Yup, I love anime. Anime daisuki desu..  !!! I've started to have a liking to it when one of my friend showed me one of her drawings... she loves Naruto back then and since then, I started to take noticed these so-called anime and I love it so much!!! So if any of you readers love anime too, do share some of your favorite animes or maybe share some thought about the anime that you've watched. I really appreciated it  ^_^

What else?? Hummm... Hah, my favorite food. Well, I like everything but to be specific, I love my mom's cooking ( they're awesome ) , bread (what ?! really ??! ) , and tamagoyaki ( I bet some of you know what it is ;) ) ...well it's actually called egg rolls but it is much sweeter than any ordinary egg rolls that you bought at stores. I often make them as my lunch but never showed any of them to any of my friends. Why? Because I don't want them to know that I like cooking. Yup, I also like cooking but even my parents didn't know about this so sheeshhh... don't tell them. Other than that, I like to read novels ( especially the mystery, English-language novel ) except Malay's novel which is of course full of lovey dovey romance.. I only liked some of them which gives me strength, I mean tarbiyyah about my life. I also liked drawing, and watching some anime ( of course ;9 )

That's all about myself so yoroshiku onegaishimasu !( hope we can get along ! )Now, what about you guys? Do introduced yourself too. I want to make more and more friends here  :)
Well, that's all I've got for today. I promised that if I've got the time, I'll post more so that this blog won't be so lonely, but will be so lively !!

See you again, bye !!!